Recently I dusted off my reel to reel tape machines, got them working and networked into my computer.

One of the first things I did was pop on the tapes from our Manna Album. Originally recorded July of 1982.
41 years ago!


Wow! Where do I start?

What a lot of great memories! From “did you guys come to play?” to singing in our “False Setup”
to “Bill Byler on Bass”!

A lot of fun stories!

10 years went by so fast. It’s hard to believe that we haven’t played together since the mid 80’s.

I have to say that my affiliation with Manna had a profound effect on my entire life trajectory.

* First - I quickly realized that there was much more to a relationship with the Lord than simple “fire insurance”.
The faith exhibited by Lee, Vina, Judy and Sara along with the many believers I was introduced to early on,
at the various coffee houses and churches was clear validation that there really is a God,
and He cares deeply for me.
I realized very quickly that a personal relationship with Him was what I needed.

* Second - It didn’t take too long before I concluded that I didn’t want to live without Sara as my wife. Not really sure why she went along with the idea, but I’m awfully glad she did!

* Third - The Miller family. I am grateful that I get to be a part of it.
(I could write a book on that! They'd probably rather I don’t!)

* Fourth - Maple View Mennonite Church. I grew a lot under the leadership of Ervin and Ray.
I made many lifelong friends there.
I saw a local community impacted by the Gospel through an ordinary local church.
People from every imaginable walk of life.
Everyone was welcome.

Manna was special to a lot of people for a lot of different reasons.
I could go on and on with memories of those times, but I’ll stop here.

I hope you all enjoy the music, pictures and maybe remember something special yourself!


Early Promo Pictures

Manna 1
Manna 2
Manna 4

Miscellaneous Pictures and Events

Manna 3
Manna 5
Manna 6

Recording our Album - July 1982

Manna 7
Manna 8
Manna 9

Roger - Trying in vain to clean up my bad guitar parts! Sorry.......

Manna 12
Manna 13
Manna 10

Mick Polson on Bass. One of several bassists we burned out along the way...not really sure why!

Manna 11

Bob Strike - Our most loyal fan!