Original Material

The recordings on this page are original material. A few are reflections on life experience, but most are just for fun! Several were obviously influenced by my love of anything steam era railroad. Probably be a lot more of those before I’m through!

I hope you find one or two that you like!

Here with me!
Good Memories!
Homer and Lucille!
True story about my first job and employer!
Hat Attitude!
Just a little further –
This song haunts me. It strikes right to the heart of who I am. Railroad metaphor was never more appropriate
Davids Song
Psalm 139
For Sara.
This one is pretty self explanatory!
Little Wooden Airplane.

Brian’s Railroad songs!

Free to Try – Final Cut
Free to Try

Ode to Olde Cabbage Head.
A little tune about a local work train in Manatee County during the early part of the last century.
The engine is still in existence at the Manatee County Historical Park.
Slow Freight Blues.
Tough times – great musical genre’!

Hammers on Cold Steel
A little ballad about constructing the Transcontinental Railroad from the perspective of someone that was there