The recordings on this page are original material. Some were written for worship services, some are reflections on life experience and some just for fun! I hope you find something that you enjoy! Check back to this page periodically for updates. * These songs sound best through headphones. My home recordings are not quite studio quality!

Thanks for listening!

I Wonder.
This is a reflection on Gods Unfailing Love.
My Song
Written By my son Brooks Milgate and a friend, Jarrod Ponchot
The song is a reflection on the creative process of writing music. I fell in love with the song when they first recorded it and always wanted to do it. The recording isn’t the caliber that the song deserves, but I like it anyway!
Young man dreams (old guy wisdom)
A little tune about the changes in life and fortunes. Gods providence.
Written from experience.
For Sara.
The song is pretty self explanatory!
Written as a tribute to all those that were a positive influence. Those that are gone but not forgotten. Ray, Esther, Dad Miller, Harvey – we miss you but we’ll see you again!
Davids Song.
Based on Psalm 139. Sara and I wrote this song just prior to Hurricane Irma. We sang it several times during the storm. It was a very special reminder that God was even then and always is – in control.
I wrote this song in the late 70’s or early 80’s
(One of these days I’ll check when I first recorded it.)
Inspired by an acquaintance that used to brag about “workin’ the system.”
Take it for what it is….
Road to Nowhere.
Written by Paul Gertz – A bit plagiarized from a Charlie Daniels jacket cover….
(Hope he doesn’t mind! Paul is a big fan.)
We did this back in high school 1975 or 76….
“Won’t let the man bring me down.”
Written and produced by my son when he was studying at Berklee.
The assignment was to write and produce a song in an “Old-time Gospel” “Ragtime” genre.
I think it fits really well with the “Americana” feel of the previous two songs.
I have a great idea for a music video…..