The recordings on this page are original material. A few are reflections on life experience, but most are just for fun!

Several were obviously influenced by my love of anything steam era railroad. Probably be a lot more of those before I’m through!

I hope you find one or two that you like!

Free to Try
This song came to me over the July 4th week 2019.
Railroad lore happened to be the perfect “vehicle” to express the ideas and emotions.
It was the first in a series of railroad themed songs.
Check out the page entitled “Steel Road” for a bit of further explanation.
YouTube Video of this song:
For Sara.
This one is pretty self explanatory!
Hot Pizza.
I believe the title says it all….
Check out the YouTube Version.
Ode to Olde Cabbage Head.
A little tune about a local work train in Manatee County during the early part of the last century.
The engine is still in existence at the Manatee County Historical Park.
Check out: YouTube: Ode to Old Cabbage Head.
Slow Freight Blues.
Tough times – great musical genre’!
Check out the YouTube Version:
Won’t let the man bring me down!
Written by Brooks Milgate.
Stolen and utilized for my own purposes!
Got to do a music video of this one!

Won’t let the man bring me down!

Little Wooden Airplane.
Inspired by a wood biplane model that dad made me.
Young man dreams (old guy wisdom)
A little tune about the changes in life and fortunes. Gods providence.
Written from experience.
Davids Song
Psalm 139
Written for a church service. Sung several times while riding out hurricane Irma.
It was a great reminder that we are never beyond the reach or security of our Lord.
A little tune about how my love of music began.
Several of my older cousins were very involved in music when I was a youngster. They would get together at our family reunions and play the folk songs of the times. 60s and 70s. Interesting times and great music. Great memories!
Wish we could do it again!
Written as a tribute to all those that were a positive influence. Those that are gone but not forgotten. Ray, Esther, Dad Miller, Harvey – we miss you but we’ll see you again!

The following recordings are works in process. They have not been professionally mastered so the volume and quality will not compare with the previous songs. I have a number of additional songs in various stages of writing and recording. I can’t really account for the sudden inspiration, but I’m enjoying it immensely!

Special thanks to Wayne DeLair of JumpDog Studios in Sarasota Florida for all the help re-recording and mastering!

I wrote this song in the late 70’s or early 80’s
(One of these days I’ll check when I first recorded it.)
Inspired by an acquaintance that used to brag about “workin’ the system.”
Take it for what it is….
A day in my life…….
A day in my life.
It ain’t always what it seems…….
How Many Rainbows Left?
A lot of my songs seem to arrive in the early morning hours. Sometimes they are almost complete and sometimes they need a lot of refining. This song came to me the same morning as Little Wooden Airplane.” The song was relatively complete, but I had a very difficult time settling on a melody. I shared the lyrics with Sara recently after the passing of her cousin and a close friend of ours on the same day. The song really spoke to both of us and she encouraged me to continue working on the melody.
Here’s what I came up with.
I hope you enjoy it.