The recordings on this page are original material. A few are reflections on life experience, but most are just for fun!

Several were obviously influenced by my love of anything steam era railroad. Probably be a lot more of those before I’m through!

I hope you find one or two that you like!

These songs sound best through headphones. They are intended as material development and are not studio quality.

I am scheduled to begin recording a number of these songs at JumpDog Studios in Sarasota on 10/2/2019. I hope to be able to produce an entire album before the year is out .

Young man dreams (old guy wisdom)
A little tune about the changes in life and fortunes. Gods providence.
Written from experience.
For Sara.
The song is pretty self explanatory!
Written as a tribute to all those that were a positive influence. Those that are gone but not forgotten. Ray, Esther, Dad Miller, Harvey – we miss you but we’ll see you again!
I wrote this song in the late 70’s or early 80’s
(One of these days I’ll check when I first recorded it.)
Inspired by an acquaintance that used to brag about “workin’ the system.”
Take it for what it is….
Slow Freight Blues.
Inspired by my love for all things steam railroad and blues music.
Free to try.
A very personal – metaphoric railroad song.
There is a story behind this, but it’s not going to be told here!
“Old Cabbage Head”

Yet another railroad related song!
This one dedicated to the preservation effort of an old steam locomotive that used to service the lumber and crate industry of Manatee County Florida
Old Mose.
Kind of related to my fixation on railroad lore.
Free to Try.
I love the culmination of an idea!